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Night Sweating

Wrong Turn

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I drink about 5-7 big Tiger beers per night. 640 ML bottles.

What does this sweating mean?

The calories coming from alcohol are "dummy" or "thermal" calories that many people release through sweat. That sweat itself is the least of the problem of drinkers.

That sweating destroys the theory of "beer belly". Beer belly comes from the lifestyle linked with beer or alcohol consumtion. The lifestyle may lead to other problems as well - high blood sugar for one.

Not 100% true. Beer contains alcohol and the body will convert alcohol into Triglycerides which are then stored as fat. Sheryl will no doubt be able to elaborate on this more knowledgeably than me.

If you locked yourself up with a barrell of beer and nothing else for a week, would you come out fatter or nearly dead of starvation?

(sorry for edits, my keyboard is from Thai, originally bought for 100 baht to be a toy for my (then) baby. Lots of fatfingering when typing)

Well the body can go without food for a long time, far longer than the time it can go without water hence after one week on just beer and no food the person would come out well pissed, hungry and presumably lighter. But there again the average person need something in the order of 4,000 calories a day to maintain their weight and I doubt they would achieve that intake from beer alone. The premise I raised was that a person eats a near normal diet and by also drinking alcohol they will increase their fat levels via the alcohol consumed.

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