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Puppies Urgently Need Home deadline to find homes: March 10th 2009

Hi, we have a litter of 12 adorable and very young puppies in desperate need of a good home. They were delivered in our home by a young healthy street dog.

The pups will grow into small/medium sized dogs. They are all brown or black and a number of them have little white socks, some of them have a ridge along their backs. All are gentle, soft coated and healthy. Both mother and father have a lovely sweet temperament and I am sure these pups will grow to be fantastic family pets.

The puppies have all had a lot of human handling since birth as their mother was exhausted and could not cope with feeding and needed our help. We are leaving Thailand in 6 weeks so desperately need to find homes for them. They will be ready to be separated from their mother in 5 weeks time and I am willing to travel to you to drop them off anywhere in Thailand.

If homes cannot be found for them we will be left with no choice but to have them put down. Our local community has already made it clear to us that if we leave any puppies on the street they will club or drown them. We live on Koh Lanta where there is no vet and we have been told that the best option is to pay a police man to shoot them.

We must either find homes for them quickly or try to raise the money to have them put to sleep humanely. Since they are all such lovely characters and because making the choice to put an animal to death is one I have never wanted to face, I truly hope that you can help to advise me and find them homes. The mother is also available for adoption with or without the pups, she is fully house trained and gives paw.

If you are unable to permanently adopt but are willing to foster any remaining puppies and continue the search for homes when we leave this would also be an enormous help.

Please please help. Use this link to Email Me

Pictures to be posted shortly.


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