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  1. An off-topic troll post and replies have been removed for violation of our Community Standards.
  2. It looks a bit like a Lacquered Bracket mushroom (Hrastova sjajnica) Link More info It is not dangerous and is used by the Chinese in making traditional medicine and herbal tea.
  3. A dangerous troll post in violation of our Community Standards has been removed.
  4. A baiting troll post has been removed for violation of our Community Standards.
  5. A baiting troll post containing a personal attack (flame) has been removed as it contravenes our Community Standards.
  6. Multiple off-topic posts have been removed for violation of our Community Standards.
  7. And fully operational again... via the following initial banner:
  8. And today TGx appears to be back online and operational again.
  9. TorrentGalaxy Goes Offline With Mysterious Message to Users Popular torrent site TorrentGalaxy has gone 'offline' overnight. While downtime is quite common for pirate sites, a mysterious statement by the team is open for interpretation, leading some to believe that it will not return anytime soon. Since the site is a prominent source of new movie and TV show releases, this is a big deal. In little over five years, TorrentGalaxy has grown out to become a leading player in the torrent ecosystem. The site originally set out to ‘bridge the gap‘ between torrent and streaming sites, but it became much more than that. With a dedicated group of uploaders and an active community, TorrentGalaxy provided a safe haven for many avid torrenters. The disappearance of other key torrent sources, including the demise of RARBG last year, made TorrentGalaxy’s position as a torrent distribution portal increasingly important. You can read the full article at Torrentfreak here.
  10. It is a golden tree snake (Chrysopelea ornata ornattissima), harmless to humans. Link
  11. Masonic Lodges of Thailand Some of the info may be a little dated however.
  12. Topic title changed.
  13. A dangerous troll post has been removed as it was in violation of our Community Standards.
  14. Several troll posts have been removed as they were in violation of our Community Standards.
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