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Ed Visa, Multi Or Single Entry, Which Is Best?

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I am trying to find out a few answers re a 12months ED visa for Thai lessons.

They say I have the choice of a Multi Entry Visa that will give me freedom to come and go as I like, or a visa that I will have to get permission before I leave Thailand that cost 1000b a trip.

Any idea on the cost difference for an Australian? The school didn’t know.

Can you confirm that a Multi I have to do a visa run every 3 months or I can go to the local immigration and pay 1900b instead.

On the Single entry I still have to report every 3 months and pay 1900b and when I go out of Thailand I need permission to keep the visa.

Thanks Folks.

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A multiple entry visa would allow you to leave and re-enter as many times as you for a year. You have to leave and re-enter every 90 days. If you leave and then re-enter the day before it expires you can get another 90 giving about 15 months before you have get another visa.

If you get a single entry it would be extended for 90 days and then you have to do another extension after 90 days and every 90 days after that.

If you want to leave during those 90 days you have to get a re-entry permit which costs 1000 baht.

With this option you can stay for several years without leaving to get another visa.

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