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Thai Added To Google Translation Website


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Lost in translation? Here’s an end to your worries, cyber folks. Google has added Thai to the beta version of its free translation website – http://translate.google.co.th – now making it possible to translate 42 languages to and from Thai.

With these free tools, Thai-speaking users can translate anything from whole websites down to single words. They can also use keywords to search for web pages and have the results automatically translated back into Thai. In addition, Thai-language website owners can get a gadget that will instantly translate their sites into 42 languages.

“We believe the Internet is about enabling access to information regardless of language,” said Derek Callow, marketing manager for Google Southeast Asia. “Google Translate makes it easier for millions of Thai-speaking Internet users to search and access much more web content.”

The free service also allows users to suggest a better translation if they come across inaccuracies.

Thai fans of South Korean entertainment – especially TV series – are sure to benefit from the new service as they’ll now be able to keep up with all the news and gossip on their favorite stars. The same goes with fans of European football, who can get translations for any football club’s website.

At http://translate.google.co.th, copy and paste the original text into the box labeled “Enter text or a webpage URL” and then select "Detect language" on the left-hand drop-down menu.

To translate the contents of an entire webpage, just paste the URL of the website into the same box. After a few seconds, your Thai translation should appear.

source http://www.phuketgazette.net/dailynews/index.asp?id=7089

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This is so cool. I threw quite a few articles from the web at it, and of course it is not perfect but did a good enough job that I could understand it. Also threw some academic stuff I've been writing into it from English to Thai, and sent it to a Thai friend, and he said it was very clear and understandable to him (but not perfect). Way to go, Google!

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