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Is Pattaya Still Welcoming 3 Months Early Retirement Extensions?

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OK, so recently Pattaya immigration TOOK BACK their previous liberal interpretation of the money seasoning rule for people getting subsequent retirement extensions using the 800K in the bank. Before their recent announcement, there was NO seasoning required, now it is 3 months, conforming to the national rule.

So what else has changed?

Last year there was a press release from Pattaya immigration saying they welcomed retirement extension applications as EARLY as three months before the expiration date.

My question is: is this still the case? Three months is probably earlier than other offices welcome the applications, so I hope you understand my concern that they may have TAKEN BACK this liberal interpretation as well.

If you happen to be doing such extensions any time soon, perhaps some of you can ask the officers whether the 3 months early invitation is still in effect?

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My extension is due for renewal on 9th May but I renewed it yesterday at Jomtien with no questions asked, approximately 80 days early so I would guess that they are still happy to do this.

Thank you so much. That is good news and it was good of you to provide this recent report.

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