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Hi All,

Looking for advice on areas not far outside Chiang Mai (ring road, etc, not in buffalo town) that offer for sale bungalow properties (2, 3 bed). Obviously with the standard security guard on alert :o etc. Looking to pay around 2 million. Searched alot of areas on the net, but after already buying property in Thailand before I feel these sites are over pricing for what is on offer.

Not expecting a palace but in a reasonable area, newish with garden would be nice.

Any ideas welcomed.

Thanks All :D

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I think this site is best: http://www.jasminehomes.co.th/ Should be many around the 2 mil. mark.

(Search for example: http://www.jasminehomes.co.th/listing_brow...=House+for+sale )

Some that look a particularly good match (and are all under 2 million) include:







Beyond that, it's a matter of driving around and asking around.

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