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Chiang Mai To Vientiane For Visa

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I know there is probably threads about this, but I got tired of searching.

I need to get to Vientiane from Chiang Mai for a non imm b because I goofed the re-entry thing and now I need to start over.

I would like to leave between the 23-25th Feb.

I don't mind a bus, but I am sure someone out there has a smart method for this procedure. Also I have never been to Laos so I might need a few tips about finding embassy and so on.


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Last Month I did the journey the other way round

Vientiane to Chiang Mai via Luang Prabang and 2 days on a Boat

on the Mekhong up to Chiang Khong.

If you want to make a trip out of your visa run

- I can recommend it - either to go there or to come back that way.

If you wish to travel to Vietiane thru Thailand then>

First I would suggest you visit Chiang Mai Central Bus station

to check out Gvt Buses and Private MiniBuses to Nong Khai or Udon Thani.

I would strongly recommend The VIP bus service from the Centre of Nong Khai

to Centre of Vientiane - just Bht 55 - but it is not the cheap fare that I found attractive

- the bust stops at the various check points for you to get your Passport stamped

- you can leave your Bags on the Bus - avoids all the hassle with TukTuks both side of the Border

and carrying your Bags thru the check Posts

BUT - to board the VIP bus you must have a Laos Visa.

The VIP bus will not stop at the Visa on Arrival in Laos

- to me it "Looked" like a lot of hassle.

You say your OK with the Bus - but a Train Thru Bangkok would be far more comfortable.

The First & Second Class overnight sleepers are really good.

And you could get your Laos Tourist Visa at the Embassy - issued within an hour.

But check the Visa Service times before you go.


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