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Free Labour To Your Farm!


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Hello Dear Friends,

Im a 23-years old agriculture student from Finland and I'm looking for a working place in Thailand for my work training period. If you or someone you know has a need for farming labour please contact me via this forum or e-mail <snip>. I don't expect anything too fancy and simple physical work is no problem for me. As a trainee I don't require any payment but accommondation would be very much appreciated. Schedule is to work 2 months from June to July 2009.

If you're interested, I'd be happy to give you more info.

Sincerely Yours,

Samu Juvonen

Hameenlinna University of Applied Sciences / Agricultural and Rural Indrusties

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please check out the visa forums threads about working in thailand as a volunteer-- in a nutshell, its not allowed, u need a work permit of some sort... but u can get info from the visa in thailand forum thread here.



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Refreshing to see there are still programs like this and individuals who take part in them. Finn the work permit requirement is on the books here for volunteer work. If you call it what it is, educational training doubt you will have a problem.What type of visa will you apply for (3 month tourist)? Our operation is too small for you to get much experience in those 2 months (pick lamyai, prune and fertilize, etc.) It might be some of the members here can point you toward a larger operation for the max. experience for you. I have a friend here who I will contact and his operation may fit your needs. Good luck and hopefully some of the TV farming sector can help on this.

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I contacted Finnish Royal Thai Consulate and they said I can have a three month visa when I send them appropriate work placement agreements which I got from my school. After talking to them, I was left under the impression that school work training doesn't require any work permit (or its included in my visa).

Small operations are very ok for me too. You have to start somewhere :o The idea is only to get to know farming in Thailand upclose.

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