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Tips For Vientiane Visa Run

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Just went to Vientiane for a double entry which was not a problem at all. Airasia to Udon and then minivan from the airport to the border for 200 baht. Visa to Laos is 1400 Baht. I paid only 100 Baht for a taxi to Vientiane.

Day after arrived at the embassy at 11.30 AM. Filled out application. (Make a copy of passport before going to the embassy as it costs 40 baht on spot) and remember 2 pictures. Paid my 2000 and was out before 12. Not a lot of people there.

The day after I went to the bus station and bought a ticket from Vientiane to Udon for 80 baht. This bus can save you from organizing everything yourself. (Bus to border after this bus to Nong Khai and again to Udon and further on to the airport).

Buy the ticket before you go to the embassy as it quickly gets sold out. The bus leaves at 14.00 PM which is in time for the pick up of your passport at 13.00 PM. If you go at 13.00PM you should be able to leave the embassy at 13.30. I arrived at Udon 16.15 and went to Charoensri Grand Hotel not far from the bus station. Bought a transfer to the airport for 30 baht and had my luggage stored for a couple of hours until my flight. Nice and smooth...

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