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Grandmother Killed By Tour Bus


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I have just seen a report from the Phuket Gazette of an elderly Thai lady mown down and killed by an out of control tour bus after a burst tyre.

This is tragic .

Such happenings could surely be avoided if there was an enforced speed limit on these buses.(A governer)

I have seen appalling driving and speeding and nearly been run off the road on the Phuket-PhangNa-Krabi road.by two deck buses.

In this instance the report states the bus continued for 270 meters before coming to a halt;

if,as claimed ,the driver was only doing 70KPH, he should have been able to stop well before that distance, so one can only assume he was going far faster?

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MAI KHAO, PHUKET : A 69-year-old grandmother was killed instantly this morning when a tour bus veered off the center of the road and hit her at high speed.

The victim, Mali Burakhan, was pushing her bicycle along Thepkrassatri Rd back to her home in Mai Khao Village 3 at the time of the tragedy.

The bus, a double-decked air conditioned coach operated by the Phuket Thong Thiaw Tour Company, was traveling southbound past the Hongyokbumrung School at around 8 am when its front-left tire burst.

The driver, 51-year-old Kanosak Manggorn, lost control and the bus veered to the left.

The bus traveled around 70 meters down the road before hitting Mrs Mali in front of a grocery shop near the entrance to Soi Darn Jid.

The bus was moving at about 70 kilometers per hour and the impact fractured Mrs Mali’s skull, killing her instantly.

The bicycle, caught under the bus, was dragged some 200 meters further down the road.

Mrs Mali is survived by two sons and two grandsons. Her youngest son, 32-year-old Kongfah Burakhan, told the Gazette that her body is being kept at a sala opposite the grocery shop in preparation for her funeral in the next few days.

The bus, which was returning from Bangkok, had no passengers aboard at the time of the accident.

Phuket Gazette

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