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Cf To Ide Adapters


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has anybody seen CF to 2.5 inch IDE adaptors for sale ?

I want to replace a laptop harddrive that is in my MGB100 wifi NAS.

I've seen them in a small shop in Pantip Plaza (bought one as well for my self built load balancing router), think i Paid 1200 Baht for it, only I have no clue which shop it was. One of those small ones with heaps of junk, old interfaces, cables etc...

Works, more reliable the hard drive, but surprisingly slow, as the interface does not support the high read/write speeds modern flash cards are capable of...

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hi monty

thanks for the input - I would have thought there was more interest for these types of adapters

I have seen the CF to 3.5 inch IDE adapters and though they were probably quite slow.

just with many devices available from china - search alibaba - I would have expected a few to be on sale here in Thailand.

there are dual and triple adapters that also will allow RAID , so you can stripe to increase your data speed also.

this option to me would seem to be cheaper than a normal SSD

I have a few flash cards lying around now and it does add up to a bit of flash storage.

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One thing to be aware of and that CF cards have a limited number of erase/write cycles of around 300,000. Certainly do not want to put your page/swap files on it as it will age it quickly. The controller in the Compact Flash card does "wear leveling" by spreading out the writes amongst various 'sectors' in the card to prevent premature wearout of a sector which has extended the life cycle to the above numbers.

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