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When I sell my motorbike to a private party, do I just sign the owner's book, or do I have to go to the license place with the buyer? Thanks.

I always make the seller go with me to do a vehicle transfer. He doesn't get paid first... It's in his best interest, too.

If the book is in your name, you'll need at least 1 copy of your Passport, showing your visa, and also your photopage.. There may be other requirements, depending on your situation. But, always best to go and make sure the new owner isn't going to be running around on a bike in your name... Great vehicle to be used in a crime, na'? :o

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You also need a sales contract IN THAI, english won't do. They should have it at the place where you file the change of ownership. Things get more complicated if you try to register a bike from another changwat. I bought a bike in Phuket from a tourist, tried to register it 500km north where I live. Had only sales contract in english. Went six times to the next big town (total of 1200km) since every time something was missing or not okay. They told me each time what was wrong, instead of explaining it the first or second time - guess they were waiting for some bakschisch. If you're in a place with lots of tourists, things should be fairly easy.

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