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Can Your Corp. Own Land?

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I've heard a falong cannot own land, a house, etc.  If you are an American with Treaty of Amity status, can you own it through your corporation?


a farang cannot normally own land but can get a 30 year lease on it extendable,

a farang can own a house no problem,just not the land its built on

the only way to actually own some land, is to invest a shed load of bhat in thailand,then you can buy a small piece of land, freehold apparently(all sounds well dodgy to me!)

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I am pretty sure the Treaty Of Amity expired on the last day of last year. The plan being that americans would be still covered under the FTA which is still pending. So for the present US citizens are in kind of limbo with benefits they got under the original treaty.

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In order to answer your question correctly, one would need to know: (1) how big your company is; (2) where your company operates; and (3) how much your company will invest in Thailand?

Under both Board of Investment ("BoI") and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand ("IEAT") rules, foreign companies in Thailand can own up to one Rai of land for residential purposes.

That said, the rules are strict, and unless you have a company the likes of Esso, you'll find it hard to qualify.

SM :o

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