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Pang Oong Park Restrictions Lifted As Peak Of High Season Passes


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Pang Oong Park restrictions lifted as peak of high season passes

Mae Hong Son has revoked the need for tourists to register for passes for their cars at the Mae Hong Son Folk Arts and Handicrafts Center to enter Pang Oong Park. Now that the high tourist season has passed, the restrictions are no longer necessary. Prior to that, tourists needed to register their cars and reserve a room and no more than 450 were allowed per day so as to reduce the strain on resources of this popular destination. For those that did not wish to stay, they were required to park at Ban Na Pha Phaek and take the community minibus in an effort to reduce the stress on natural resources large numbers of tourists bring. Pang Oong Park or Ban Ruam Thai as it is known, is a highly popular eco tourism destination famous for its natural scenery, pristine waterfalls and famous tea plantations. (PRD)



-- Chiang Mai Mail 2010/01/26


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