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Huge Donations Received By Famous Monk Queried


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Huge donations received by famous monk queried

A WELL-KNOWN author and an avid Buddhist yesterday filed a report with the Department of Special Investigation, asking for an inquiry into more than Bt100 million (S$4.3 million) given to a monastery run by a famous monk.

The money was allegedly given or put in the name of the monk's wife, who is a Buddhist nun living at the popular Suan Santitham in Chon Buri's Sri Racha.

Author Thitinart na Phatthalung also demanded back Bt4.36 million (S$189,000) she donated to Phra Pramote Pamotechoe, and his wife Oranuch Santayakorn, after learning the donation was allegedly documented as having been given by Oranuch.

Thirdsak Techakijkajorn filed the petition jointly with Thitinart yesterday.

Full story.

I had heard from one of Phra Pramote's followers some months ago that there was a plot to have him disrobed, and it sounds like there is more to this than meets the eye. Popular monks tend to attract followers from other temples and some people get jealous. Whatever the truth of the matter, it's very sad, because a lot of Thais follow his teachings.

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