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Bangkok Airways Website Not Working


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I try to book 24 tickets online but their website (www.bangkokair.com) having serious problems days ago.

Sometimes is says service unavailable, default plesk site, or just very slow so its loading, but quiet frustrating a million dollar company cant setup a simple booking system or website :(

Anybody know if i contact an agent the price could be cheaper for mass tickets? Or anybody know some discount options which give me better price?



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I can understand the website having probs if your attempting to make 24 bookings at once! Not sure that many airline sites would cope with that volume of bookings.

If your having that many problems why not just call them and ask to email/fax a booking request? Then once you obtain a reply you can send the payment details.

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I'm trying to book BKK to Phnom Penh today. Wrote e-mail to tell them their website is not working. 10 out of 10 for their quick apology - at least I think that is what this is:

"we would like to inform you that due some problem occured on our website of caused of Internet that's why make our website time out or something like that. Could you kindly retry again later to access our website. Because we can not sell Ticket's Price as same as the Price in the website."

Nought out of ten for fixing issues. I have just tried again 12 hours later - still not able to select a destination to book a ticket. Sod it I'll go by bus. Amazing for a not insubstantial regional carrier.

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They are having a sale, so maybe their servers are overloaded.

Ta for the info.

Just found out that Air Asia fly the route and they are a lot cheaper (Baht 4,660 + luggage + that niggly convenience fee) than Bangkok Airways anyway - if the Opodo website fare on Bangkok Airways (Baht 9,000 all up) is anything to go by.

Air Asia are also having continual promotional sales but their website works and has done 99% of the time for me (approaching 100 flights with them in the last 5 years). Satisfying when you have the luxury of voting with your feet (or finger in this case).

Unfortunately Malaysians are in a different league to Thais when it comes to business and technology. I wish it were different, having thrown my cap at Thailand.

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Air Asia does not fly the route. They fly to URT. But TG does.

How come I just bought a ticket on the Air Asia web-site then?

FD 3616/FD 6617. Once a day each way.

I paid US$66 including 15kg checked-in luggage and 'convenience' fee for the one leg from PNH to BKK (I decided to overland it from Si Saket to Phnom Penh through the smallest Thai/Cambodia border at Chom SaNagm, having done Siem Reap that way before). The headline prices are currently $50 promotion and $63 Regular for each leg to which you add luggage and seat picking charges and a non-optional $2 convenience fee for most credit/debit cards.

Bargain I think.

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