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Grand Mother Died


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Granny died a couple of weeks ago, she had a good go at life living into her 90's. She had a small piece of land with a small home on it. The neighbors and distant relatives have stripped it bare, which wasn't much and since we've no use for the stuff, its ok with us.

The land needs to be transferred to my wife's name, therein lies the questions

!. How long a period does my wife have to do this?

2. Can her mother do this for her or does she have to travel to Thailand to do it.?

3. Does anyone have the phone number of land office or Amphur or wherever you go to answer questions posed if no definite answers posted. (Amphur Doi Saket)

Wife's mother is ailing and just got outta hospital, so shes not much help at this time

Thanks all

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I believe the land goes to the mother. There is a land forum for such questions.

Mother has no blood relationship. It was her husband's mother. My wife her closest blood kin and most direct descendant.

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