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Conference Call Providers


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What do you need beyond Skype? For me it works more reliably than other systems.

I don't think there are many completely free options if that's what you're looking for. I've used Adobe Connectnow a number of times and it's worked pretty well. I think you're limited to 3 participants.

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Does Skype allow 8 people to join a conference call? from different counteries? if so what's the quality like? it's done over the speaker on the laptop?

Never had that many people on the line myself. The quality should not degrade as more people are added to a call though.

I purchased an online number for Skype, which has worked out really well. It's a normal US number that people back in the US can call for free. If I'm on the computer I get the call via Skype and it's free. If I'm not, it gets forwarded to my Thai cell and I get charged a per-minute rate by Skype. For conference calls I'm usually on the computer anyway, so it works out well.

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