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Vertical Blinds


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I just thought I would share my experiences regarding vertical blinds I had last week, after moving a bit of furniture around the condo to give us more space, we decided to put some cabinets under the windows in the dining area but couldn't get them up against the wall under the window because we have floor to ceiling vertical blinds, so thought no problem we will just get them shortened (got to be a quick and easy job) I had noticed a shop on 3rd road and called in to ask if they would do the job for us, I explained what was needed and then let the lady speak to the missus on my phone to confirm she understood what I wanted

Arrangements were made for someone to call round, measure up and take the blinds away but nobody turned up so the missus called to ask when they could come and was told they could call the same day but we wouldn't get the blinds back for another month because they were busy

I started looking around for another shop and found one on Pattaya Tai, same script as before and the lady said she would be at the condo for 10am the next day, 10-05 she is waiting downstairs so I go and let her in, the guy who came with her measures the length and they take the blinds away, 3pm they are back and the blinds are re-fitted in minutes, Job done for 400 baht whilst I'm getting the money out of the bedroom the missus is told they can also re-upholster the sofa if we ever want it doing as it's a new service they have just started doing

Expecting that might be a bit expensive the wife asks if they can dry clean the removable cushion covers, yep no problem and they take half of them for cleaning and leave us the other so we can still sit down, a day later (today) they are back fully cleaned, they have taken the other half with them now and have promised to get them back to us tomorrow afternoon all for the measly price of 300 baht

They also gave us a price for re-upholstering which turned out to be about 10,000 baht (using the best quality material) or about 15,000 if we want new foam insides as well (seems a pretty good price to me for all the work involved)

So far I can recommend this shop for excellent service at a reasonable price

(if anyone wants their number feel free to pm me)

btw I have absolutely no connection with this shop but thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know about them

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Sounds like good service. Are they a curtain/upholstery shop who supply new curtains as well or odd-jobbers who just clean and repair?

They are primarily a curtain/blind shop but have jut started doing upholstery, the cleaning was just to keep the customer happy (I think) and have a reason to come back to the condo and show us samples :unsure:

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