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I have had a non imm 'o' married/retirement visa for approximately 5 years. 2 months ago when I went to my local office for my new visa, my pension statement had not be ratified by the UK embassy so the officer refused the year's visa and kindly gave me a 60 day extension (1,900). Moving on. for many (unblieveable) reasons, I still cannot get my paperwork in order until early next month. I live on the Mekhong and can be in Laos in 10 minutes from the house. As the rules have changed numerous times, I am basically lost as to what steps to take next as my 60 days are up this coming week. As I doubt the local office will grant me a further extension, my question is, if I just re-enter Thailand by boat what visa do I get and can this be extended to a non 'o' once my paperwork is complete? OR, should I do the old business of going across to Savannakhet and get a 60 day tourist visa then extend that to a year after 60 days?


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You can not extend a tourist visa for one year but with proof of financials you can convert it to a non immigrant entry for 2,000 baht and then extend. A 15 day visa exempt entry probably would not allow time for conversion as it normally has to be done with 15 days remaining or more under current policy (not written).

They might allow you a new 60 day extension after a 15 day visa exempt but I would check with immigration first on that.

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Crossing the border will give you 15 days. Might be easier if you go to Savannakhet and get a new non-O there. That will give you 90 days and at the end you can just extend based on marriage again. Than no need to convert, for which they might send you to bangkok anyway.

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