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Bamboo/Rod Tattoo By Monks In Thailand?


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I have a friend visiting me in Thailand, (pattaya) in October, he has got it into his head that he wants to have one of them tatoos by the monks, with bamboo rod and crude needle stuck to it.

Hes a bit of a tattoo nutter, although ive tried to talk him out of it he is intent on getting one done.

Does anyone know where this can happen? pref in a 3 or 4 hour region of Pattaya.


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Thanks for replying, very useful, thats a perfect location, we wil make a day trip of it. I will try to post back the results of it on here next month

check in the buddhism forum there is a pinned topic even about that.... plus some other topics that ran there...



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I have an idea Acharn Nu, based in Nonthaburi does this. His famous farang client is Angelina J. It's the 5 or 7 point tatoo on the back of the left shoulder. You'll have to ask some Thai's for the contact, however, having gone there, it is a nice place that recieves farangs.

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