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Baan Talay Samran Cha-Am


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I'm looking for a house or apartment for rent in Cha-am from October - November!

Have been told Baan Talay Samran is a nice place and have been visiting their website and it seems as a lovely and peaceful place!

Any feedback about this place or any other recommendations?



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Its me again,

I do a little renting out arround cha-am, and have a nice bungalow for rent in tropicana , about 3 km. from the beach, tropicana is a very nice place, with a beautifull swimming pool, if you interested let me know

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Its a nice place with pool and on the beach also...Klong Tien is the area and its only a few minutes from the Fishing Village and main Cha am beach. Cha am is limited for quality house rentals and samran is probably the best.

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