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Airport Bike Rental


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I live in Chiang Mai, am coming to Phuket for a week. I have Thai bike license, experience here one year, years and types elsewhere. Use a Yammie Nouvo MX for city and a motorcycle for country travel.

I have searched back a year for rental bike suggestions for quite a while, but find no suggestions out by the airport. Figure current info would be better anyway. Course, locals may not rent, but know anyway.

Just looking for a little bike, 125 or less, auto or clutchless. Know the rental risks, but am looking for fair and/or reliable.

Many thanks.

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How long do you need a bike for ?

I might be able to help if it's for long-term with a Nouvo.

Failing that there are dozens of places at Nai Yang Beach (about 3Km from a'port) where you can rent bikes.

Everywhere on the island rents bikes so no matter where you're staying you should find a bike to rent - it just depends on your ability to "suss" the people you're renting the bike from, your ability to negotiate rates and luck.


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I'll just be there for one week, second week of Oct. I'm staying at the S. end of the island, however, traveling light enough to bungee cord it south, so getting over to Nai Yang seems a good idea. I posted because I expect that the offerings outside the airport are not - optimal, perhaps.


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you'll definitely want to rent near your accommodation. oct is a very rain-soaked month here and driving up to the airport on the dreaded 402 could prove very stressful.

plus if there's an issue with the bike, you'll be in the neighborhood to bring it back to the owner.

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