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The Old Denizens Of Chiang Mai

Gonzo the Face

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There are some slightly older , shall we say denizens of Chiang Mai, which unfortunately into which category I may also fit. I must say the senior members of this group are dwindling.

' eek 'and her cockroach post reminded me of one of my dear friends who I haven't seen for some time. Most may know him as 'Wild Bill' the avocado man.

Always has a million adventure stories, and some are partially true, some you can believe might be true. But I haven't seen him for some time.

Anyone recall seeing him lately ???

& if you see him say hi for me....

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Funny you should mention "Bill" as I was only talking to someone about him the other day. I ran into him at Bangkok airport about a year ago, and he looked fine. Just come back from the US and was on his way back to Mukdahan, but not seen him since.

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