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Cheap And Interesting Place To Visit On Visa Break


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Hi everybody

I will need to leave Thailand in a short while for a Visa break.cool.gif

I will have to fly back in to Thailand to get my 30 day stamp.

I am based near BKK.

I wonder if you guys have any good tips on were to go. Should be not too boring and off course not cost a fortune.

It does not necessarily need to be flying out, only back in.

Off course I have some of the usual ideas like KL, Penang, Siam Reap etc.

Just wonder if there are a little bit less mainstream ideas out there.


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why don't you bus yourself to Lao; head on to Nong Khai to the Mittaphab bridge (Friendship bridge) cross over by land, buy some duty free booze at the Mittaphab border

DF zone and catch a Samlo (trike bike) to Vientiane city for the night and depart the following day out of Wattay intl' airport back to Suvannabhumi.

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you don't state how many days you have but Siem Reap would be the logical choice if you have never been. Sad if you have not seen it already. Bali can be cheap on AA if booked ahead. Singapore has lots to do. Sumatra has some things going on but now I imagine its pretty wet. I would NOT go to AC! Myanmar - but just do Bagan and return unless you can get way off the tourist track. If you have time 3 weeks - try Himachal Pradesh and better up to Ladakh. Jet Air to Delhi is cheapish.Luang Prabang - just for a walk and relax and perhaps a bit of time in N Vietnam before the rain really sets in.

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Thanks guys for your input.

Lot's of good ideas to consider for the next trip.

This time I went with the PP by Plane idea.

Flew with Air Asia, price was OK.

I really liked PP and I will plan PP and Siem Reap for a proper trip next time around.

The thing is I was just looking for a 3 weeks extension to my 3 Month I am already here in Thailand.

As the land crossings are only giving you 14 days I figured why not fly out.

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