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Rock Thai Music Fest 2010 Coming To Pattaya


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Rock Thai Music Fest 2010 coming to Pattaya

PATTAYA: -- The 2010 Rock Thai Music Fest is coming to Pattaya on 25th September, this coming Saturday. A preparation meeting chaired by Khun Ronagit, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya, was held at Pattaya City Hall on Tuesday Afternoon to discuss the details of the event which will feature a sound stage on Pattaya Beach Road, next to the Hard Rock Hotel. The event will feature some of Thailand’s top rock performers and bands including Micro, Loso, Big Ass and Bodyslam.

Full story HERE


-- Pattaya One



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why would they need more time? they do these events quite regularly. i love how white people are all like "i hate when Thai people do Thai shit. why can't they fuc_k off back to wherever they came from!".

in London or NY, they would plan this shit a year in advance, it would still go horribly wrong and they would charge everyone $50 to have to go through it because they paid $50. maybe you didn't even notice it but, these are always free.

come on. it's a fuc_king party, don't be such a pooper.

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Sounds like fun! From what I understand, this is being put on by the government to help with peace efforts and bring Thai's together. My internet is running real slow today, so having a problem bringing up the concert's website. This show is being put on in many cities across Thailand, and has been going on for some time. So it is not just being organized this week...we just heard about it this week....

Wifey just called 1337. First time and it went well!

Tickets are sold out. I guess they have been on sale for several months. How come we just found out!?!?!?!?!?!?

It is not listed on www.thaiticketmaster.com either....

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