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Searching Shop For Buying Flat Screens


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I need to buy 3 flatsreens 19 inch, don't want to buy widescreens because my good but old 4-port graphic card doesn't support wide screen solutions.

Does anybody knows shop in/ around Bangkok where I can buy flatscreens 19'' ?

Actually nearly every shop only sells widescreens, no flatscreens anymore.

I would also buy used flatscreens, also I would pay for renting flatscreens for 4 weeks october 2010.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Regards, Peter

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Do you mean you want LCD's with 4:3 format (as opposed to the wide formats of 16:9 or 16:10)?

What resolution? Price range?


I want LCD 4:3, 19''.

Resolution 1280x1024.

DVI (not D-Sub)

Price range down 4.000,00 Baht.

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