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6-12 Month Visitor Visa - Uk

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Sorry for starting another thread but this may be relevant to other forum members.

Whilst my TGF is was initially looking at a 6 month UK visitor visa, my friend is getting married in June and would like her to attend so a 8 month visit would be ideal.

I read recently, and it was news to me, about a 1 year visitor visa, the question is could my TGF reasonably expect to be granted this or should she just proceed down the 6 month route and 'fly solo' to the wedding?

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Like I said the concept of anything over 6 months is news to me and have no idea how much more difficult these are to be granted.


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Whilst a standard visit visa is valid for 6 months, longer terms, up to 10 years, are available. To obtain a longer term one would need to show that one has genuine reasons for regularly visiting the UK, see VAT1.4 Visa validity - What period for a multiple entry visit visa?

If an application for a long term visit is refused, the ECO may issue a shorter term; but there will be no refund of the extra fee paid.

Even with a long term visit visa, the maximum length of time spent in the UK per visit is 6 months, and if it appears that one was spending more than 6 months out of 12 in the UK then one could be refused entry, unless one had a genuine reason for doing so.

I doubt that seeking re-entry to attend a wedding just two months after a 6 month visit to one's boyfriend would be acceptable, it is up to you if you want to try for a 1 year, or longer, visa and then try re-entering the UK so soon after a long visit.

If she has not already applied, then I would suggest that when doing so she asks for a start date that will allow her to attend the wedding without staying more than 6 months in the UK.

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Thanks 7by7, invaluable advice as ever.

She has not applied yet but don't want to push our luck so will just go down the 6 month route. I want to spend Christmas with her so will just need to fly solo to the wedding. No big deal. Sure she will have the opportunity to attend a Scottish wedding in future.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

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