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Coffee Cups..Expresso Cups...


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Been racking my brain trying to come up with a usefuI but interesting birthday gift for a beIoved UncIe.

AIthough not very Thai, i suddenIy thought of coffee cups/expresso cups. He has an amazing coffee machine that grinds the beans, and creates the dosage, without mess, at the touch of a button. He adores his coffee and has had every kind of coffee machine thats come out since ive known him!

So...i was wondering if there was some pIace to get hoId of coffee cups/expresso cups with a Thai vibe. Not even sure what to Iook for or even where!

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!


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I have no idea whether they would have something with a "Thai character", but in your situation I'd start looking at Hillkoff. They certainly have a wide variety of coffee related equipment, including cups of different designs and sizes.

/ Priceless

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