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Sala / Gazebo


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Can anybody recommend a good place where we can purchase a nice Sala / Gazebo. Anywhere in Nakhon Ratchasima province or surrounding area. Have seen some nice ones around Muak Lek - Pakchong area, but seem expensive. 120,000 Baht for an octagonal one about 2.5m x 2.5m. Very nice though!



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Sounds like a proper, pukka hard-wood one does that. They're pretty good with the woodstain though, so be careful! Sorry, can't be a great deal more helpful than that, I travelled to Phrae for all my teak furniture, very reasonably priced and all the items I couldn't strap to the pickup (Thai-style :lol: ) they posted back for me.

A pair of teak wardrobes, 1x2door & 1x3door only cost 1,500b to post from Phrae to Udorn thani. What I spent in diesel visiting the place was saved many times over vs the locally retailed identical items. In all I saved over 50% on buying locally. These guys certainly know how to make a profit on those unable/unwilling to travel a little!

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