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Oa - From Washington Dc

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Can the medical certificate be signed in Thailand?**

Letter from your bank - What is a satisfactory date on letterhead, the window between letter date and application submission?

Statement - All my stuff is online. Printed statement OK?

Criminal Check - State my license is issued adequate?


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You seem to be asking if documents generated in Thailand can be used to obtain a non-immigrant "O-A" visa from the Royal Thai Embassy in the US. Only they can answer that question for you. A couple of your question make no sense to me. If you're in Thailand why not get a 1 year extension of stay based on retirement here?

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I'm here in Thailand but I like the option of making the visa in the US. I go home every year anyway.

...mainly because I can get a visa and not have it tied to a residence. I don't want to keep an apartment or have the cops show up at my girlfriends place when I won't even be there but 3-4 months a year as we are traveling (in/out of thailand).

I can just show my bank account and be done with it

I can get 15 months Plus There is technically no reporting requirement, I'm sure we will be in and out every 90 days.

I dont have to convert 25k US to THB as it slides into oblivion only to correct sharply when BOT wakes up.

I go home every year anyway. Plus - no hassles about having money in the bank for x months

*I think the paper at the embassy days are drawing to a close, just a hunch - as well

The extension is a real hassle for me and I really don't need it. My basis for being pissed at Thai immigration all I need is 3-4 TRs a year and I am happy. But with all the nonsense I am shoved into a visa class that only poses problems for me - primarily reporting and residence. I will definitely be out of the country a minimum of 4 mos a year and up to 6.

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Seems you are talking about a regular non-O visa, not an O-A visa.

The multiple non-O is valid for 1 year and would give you up to 15 months of stay with leaving the country every 90 days. No need for medical or police check.

The multiple O-A visa is also valid for 1 year, but on each entry you can stay up to 1 year. So you can get 2 years out of it instead of 15 months.

But this needs a medical and police check and can only be applied for in your home country/country of residence.

Careful, some embassies and consulates will only give a O-A when you apply for a visa based on retirement and don't issue non-O's.

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