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Import Tax On Belongins

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It's not clear if you are moving here for the first time. If so you can import most of your belongings without paying duty, you need to contact a removals firm. I used one called Seven Seas worldwide, but there are many.

I can't help about the situation if you are simply returning here and bringing 50 Kg of electrical equipment with you through Swampy. I suspect you will have to pay!

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Probably is no answer that is guaranteed to be correct. It probably just all depends on things like : where you enter, when you enter, who you deal with, what the customs agents motivations are for the day, etc, etc, etc.

I do not think you can count on what the customs laws say. It is up to the Thai oficial you are dealing with and their personal interpretation of what the law says and your appeals of their interpration are extremely limited.

Hint - Hint : One of the major present focused concerns of the U.S. State Department is corruption within Thai Customs -

per statement by US Consul General Chiang Mai in a yesterday meeting with ex-pats group in Chiang Mai.

Wish you well in you dealings with Thai Customs. Based on my experience you will need all the luck you can get.

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when I come back to Thailand

So are you Thai? How long have you been outside Thailand if you are? Or do you be believe there are other reasons you would not be charged customs duty? Or is your entry for work, retirement, marriage, education or such?

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Farangs pay tax and duty unless they have a work permit, retired or not.

Thais need to have lived abroad for 12 months without frequent return trips to qualify for tax and duty free privilege.

That is the law and I have been doing this for 11 years so I know what I am talking about for all those about to post with ambiguous link to Thai customs websites, or people that claim they have a friend that bought in a shipment tax and duty free.

If you don't want to pay tax and duties you can 'negotiate' with customs for a cheaper rate.

Someone should pin this as it is the gospel!

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All shipments subject to inspection

Anyone with a full year Work Permit (or one year Visa) and returning Thai residents who have lived more than one year abroad (not traveling in/out country frequently) will be considered for duty-free exemption.

Customer allowed duty-free import of one air and one sea shipment from country of last residence

Shipment must not arrive before the customer

Goods must arrive no later than six months after the date on the Work Permit

Goods must originate from the same country as the customer.


New items (less than six months old) require invoices

Alcoholic beverages

Tobacco products

Works of art and antiquities

Especially HIGH DUTIES apply to stereo and video equipment, all appliances, luxury items, carpets, foodstuff, and office equipment.

Only one of each type of electrical appliance is allowed, duplicate appliances will be charged full duties.

Computers, fax machines and phones can cause problems, may not be considered as household/personal effects, but rather as dutiable office equipment.

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