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Low Cost Airlines Operating Line Bkk - Hongkong


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Hi everybody,

Can anybody inform me which low cost airlines operate line BKK - Hongkong (or Macau) and for which average price? Appreciated also their websites.

Thanks for your help

Hi, I flew to Macau from Bangkok a few months ago with AirAsia (www.airasia.com). I still check their prices regularly and seems there are a lot of dates available at 999 Baht each way plus about the same amount for taxes--comes to about 3,000 Baht Round-Trip. On their home page scroll down to flights from Bangkok and you will see what you are looking for. The prices quoted are the lowest prices and after they have sold a certain number of seats at that fare then they start asking more for the remaining seats so be flexible and plan way ahead. I have taken Thai family in small groups to fly just to show them what it is like "up there" for very cheap prices by watching their promotions--especially when they open a new route and offer the first seats sold at a rediculous low price. Hope this helps (Also check the travel agents secion of the Classified in Bangkok Post)------------Ken

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I flew Dragon Air two weeks ago for a roundtrip BKK-HKG and paid Bt6700. I came away feeling like it was a steal at that price, too. Dragon Air has more legroom than my 6'2" frame has seen in coach in 20+ years, and they served delicious meals, tea, coffee, wine- the works all incllusive.

Ticketing was a little bit odd and takes some getting used to. First, you can't book through their website, you have to call them on the phone and book and then either purchase at their offices or some affiliated travel agents. I found their offices too inconvenient and opted for a travel agent, which they refered me to by telephone numbers- and lo, the first one they gave me refused to issue a ticket claiming the profit would be too minimal (that's a first)- second one turned out to be a savvy outfit, fast paced office run off of Sukh. soi 11 (just across of the hi-so urine test disco) with a crew I came to admire whilst i waited for the ticket to be issued.

I've flown Air Asia to other destinations and liked it each time, but more often than not I've been bumped quite a bit higher than their lead-in discount Bt fares would suggest, not to knock it, mind you, but just to point out- I came away from the Dragon Air trip awed by this outfit.

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