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Uk Student Extension Refused- Visit Visa Unlikely?

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After 5 years together living in Thailand and then in England with girlfriend here studying, as well as a previous visit to the UK, her application for a visa extension to study was refused. This was due to the new course not starting within 28 days. She is now back in Thailand and although I plan to return to Thailand for a few months during the arable "low" season in the new year, she would not like to miss my sister's wedding in December. I am curious as to whether as her last application was refused if there is any restriction on when she can re-apply? Someone had said 6 months but can't find that anywhere. As proof that she will leave is already having left UK 2x and also as I will have a flight booked to return with her. We also have all the usual documents, letters, bills after 5 years together.

The next move now is to take the next step with something more permanent- the "M" word! I see it is cheape, r to marry in Thailand than UK due to the added fees. Is either route easier than the other as I'm not fussy where we marry, as long as it is the simplest way! Apologies a bit long winded and thanks for the ongoing support here.


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Your girlfriend can apply for another visa at any time. The ECO will assess the application on its merits. If she can show a good reason for a visit, and incentive to return to Thailand, so soon after leaving the UK, then fine.

Marrying in Thailand is fairly simple, and the weather is a lot better ! It's your joint decision where you get married, taking into account who will, or can, attend, etc.

If we can assist professionally with either the visit application or helping to arrange the marriage, then please check our website and/or send us an email. We are in Jomtien/Pattaya.

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