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Mini 'Bee' Id

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I recently disturbed a hive in a bamboo pole of what appeared to be tiny bees. They had yellow, white and black striping on their bodies, but were maybe 1/5 the size of a normal bee. I did find out they bite, and the bite swelled up much like a bee sting. Does anyone know what these very very small creatures are?

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my father in laws home has these little bees in the seating area in garden they go crazy .they attack our hair they have tried every thing to get rid nothing works any ideas?

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Smoke them out with Coconut husk.

I've used that against paper wasps,

but it sounds like these could be ground hornets?

Haven't met the Thai variety,

but their North Carolina cousin have a much more potent sting.

Felt as though a thumb tack had gone all the way into your hand.

I took no prisoners with those rascals,

gasoline down the hole,

wait a couple minutes, and whoof.

If you don't want fire there,

spread some Urea 46-0-0 fertilizer on their hole and water it in

It dissolves in the water to kill them,

then remains in the soil to prevent them coming back.

The plants in that area suffer a bit as well,

but in the end it's a good thing.

I use that trick against fire ants and termites.

Just plain water will work in due time,

If you have time to monkey with continually flooding them out over a week or so.

They don't want to be in a place that is continually flooded.

but the Urea kills them so they don't go off to become a nuisance somewhere else.

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From my experience; the tiny bees are non aggressive unless disturbed, than settle down quite fast.

In my garden I have many fruit trees including avocados; we leave the bees alone to prosper and pollinate.

One hive made it for a number of years totally exposed to the elements, when it was raining they just clustered really tight and kept the larvae dry.

"Waters Edge" last paragraph in this post, is especially poignant.

best regards

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