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Computer Keyboard With Thai Fonts


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Cannot believe how difficult this is, all morning on the internet trying to find an on-line store to take my order for a quality wireless pc keyboard (ie: Logitech or Microsoft) with Thai / English fonts to ship to Spain for my Thai wife to use.

The stores I have talked with either do not have in stock or will not ship outside of Thailand ..!!! Can anyone help please?

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This is what i did:

I bought the keyboard with thai fonts at MBK.

I brought the keyboard 9000 km to holland plugged it into the computer and realised windows didnt understand the fonts.

I installed a thai text version on windows. Fairly easy to do yourself every internet cafe in thailand have a EN TH switch option close to the time indicator. Don't ask me where.

I works perfectly. The problem was i had to learn to type in thai. Obviously your wife doesn't. She needs to be able to install a thai script version of windows as well compatible with this particualr keyboard.

Good luck

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Hi Dancealot, we already have Windows 7 in Thai, all we are missing is the keyboard ..!!!

Have tried using a virtual online keyboard as per an earlier suggestion but it is so slow and you still need the real keyboard to do any work in Office, etc.

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I think you have a serious misunderstanding about keyboards. All a keyboard does is send a key pressed/released code to Windows. It does not send a font character.

You must select the keyboard layout with Windows 7 by clicking on Start>Control Panel>Region and Language. Under the Keyboards and Languages Tab click Change Keyboards. In Thailand, the Thai keyboards are usually set up using the English (United States) and/or English United States International and Thai Kedamese Keyboard layouts only. Use of any other keyboard layouts can cause unpredictable results. Also you can enable the language bar.

Now as far as what is printed on the keys you can purchase Thai/English stickers to place on the key tops such as this:

Easily available from Amazon or other suppliers. You can easily purchase them in Thailand and mail them to Spain.

Or you can print out a reference such as this to refer to for the Thai character location on a standard Thai keyboard:

Thais as a rule do not use expensive high quality wireless keyboards, so finding one would be difficult. However you can order an inexpensive USB Thai/English keyboard from Amazon. I'm sure they would ship to Spain.

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