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Actress Lindsay Lohan suspected of jewelry theft - report says


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Actress Lindsay Lohan suspected of jewelry theft - report says

2011-02-02 12:44:52 GMT+7 (ICT)

LOS ANGELES (BNO NEWS) -- Actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly being considered a suspect in the theft of a high end piece of jewelry, RadarOnline reported Tuesday.

According to reports, local police have asked a Los Angeles court for a search warrant for Lohan's Venice Beach home, explaining that they have possession of a video in which the 24-year-old actress from New York is seen wearing the missing piece of jewelery.

Sources told the media outlet that the missing jewelry includes a necklace, and that there is both a photograph and video showing Lohan wearing the item, which is at least valued at $5,000.

It is still unclear whether the judge approved the search warrant. However, Lohan is currently on probation due to the incident with a former Betty Ford employee last December. She is also facing possible criminal charges within the incident.

Lohan also recently finished a 90-day rehab program at a Rancho Mirage, California clinic, where she was released on January 3, following a DUI conviction in 2007. Last year, the actress failed to meet the terms of her probation on several occasions, which led her to serve jail time and rehab.

Lohan, who is scheduled to make a court appearance on February 25, regarding the same DUI conviction, began her motion picture acting career at the early age of 11 in Disney's 1998 'Parent Trap,' but she gained popularity with her starring roles in 'Freaky Friday,' 'Mean Girls,' and 'Herbie: Fully Loaded,' before stalling her career with legal issues and rehab. Her latest movie appearance was in Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete' in 2010.


-- © BNO News All rights reserved 2011-02-02

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