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Visa For Thai Wife

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My Thai wife wants to visit London in June, for 1 week, with several of her Thai friends then on to Switerland for a week before returning to Bangkok. They will all be staying with friends in both London and Switerland. Generaly what does she have to do to get the UK & Swiss visas? These "girls" are all in late forties. She will be contacting the UK embassy for exact details but thought I could get some info for her before she does this.

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They don't actually contact the UK Embassy they need to apply for their UK Visa via the Visa Application Centre http://www.vfs-uk-th.com/ who will then pass the application onto the UKBA for processing.

There is plenty of information on the VFS website and indeed on this forum, but basically the "girls" need to demonstrate that the trip is reasonable and affordable and convince the officer processing the application that they will leave the UK at the conclusion of their trip, they need to back their application with evidence. If they are financing the trip themselves then they don't need a sponsor.

For their visit to Switzerland they will also need to apply for a Schengen Visa, if the main destination in the Schengen Area is Switzerland then they should apply visa the Swiss Embassy http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps/asia/vtha/ref_visinf/vistha.html If they, or you, need any specific evidence then ask here.

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Thanks for the reply and info. We just started today to look into what we have to do to get the visa so will start with the links you provided. thanks again.

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Of course I am assuming you and your wife live in Thailand and whilst she may not require a sponsor proof that you live together here may add to her proving that she is likely to return.

Of course all the girls will have to apply in their own right and will succeed, or fail, on their own evidence.

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