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Convert From Tourist Visa To 'B'...

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After extensive research on the forum, I have some (possibly stupid) questions.

21 days left on the tourist visa is obvious to any chimp. I also realise that my tourist visa will not be converted to a 'B', but converted to a virtual 'B' then to an extension of stay based on employment at immigration in Bangkok.

Several posters have commented that this is rarely done. Other posters have commented that 'you need the right paperwork' & 'only some of them can do it'.

So, if I have 21 days left on my tourist visa, with WP applied for / paperwork from school & the immigration officer has had his / her oats last night.

Bob hope or no hope?:whistling:

Edit: Plurality.

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You can try it, biggest problem is that most people can't get the paperwork together in time, but it seems that imigration now accepts less than 21 days left.

Some immigration offices will send you to Bangkok to convert.

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Thanks, but what do you mean by 'paperwork in time'. I gather that the school gives you the paperwork 'en masse'. The 30 day extension will hopefully give me enough leeway.<_<

Immigration NOW accepts less than 21 days. Has there been a change recently?


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