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Batmobile At River City Here In Bkk


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They actually show this car already last year here in on the "Bangkok Classic Car Exposition 2010" in Seacon Square end November 2010.

As far as I remember they did not show any information about the engine of this car.

Some more pictures of the cars and the Batmobile which were on display in "Bangkok Classic Car Exposition 2010" you can find Bangkok Classic Car Exposition 2010

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It's an old Pontiac Lemans or GTO and the original Bat mobile was made from a Lincoln Futura concept car and looked much better.

Here's the REAL batmobile...

66 Batmobile


Nothing like it.. It's an original one of a kind, not to be copied with a Pontiac :annoyed::bah: ... Though this one doesn't have the original flocked coating to make it feel like Bat fur..

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The car is owner by a local Thai General. His name is Pow and he is the president of the Thai American Car Club here in Bangkok. He has about 50 American cars and I bought my Cutlass from him. Great guy, speaks good English.

Here is a thread on the car club forum about him building it in case anyone is interested.


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