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To All You Irish Men Out There

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hi guys, i have to go to the irish consulate for a letter confirming 40,000 income monthly. i have my bank statement showing 40,000 baht lodgements evry month for the past 5 months. i am 2 weeks shy of the 6 month lodgement. i cant get a letter from my residents who pay me rent from 2 properties every month and i dont think it would help anyway.

does anyone have any experience with the irish consulate. i still have a copy of the letter of income I received from them last time.

are they still as helpful or am i going to run into some trouble.


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Didn't even know that there was one here, and looks good, at least per their www site. Give them a call or email?



Miscellaneous Consular Letter

Please contact the Consulate for further advice should you require a miscellaneous consular letter, e.g. a letter for the extension of your Thai visa, supporting letter for a Thai resident or retirement visa. Our opening hours are from 8.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday.

Tel: 02 677 7500

Fax: 02 677 7501

E-mail: [email protected]

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hi guys,

just got an email from the consulate. everything a-ok. great bunch at this consulate.

with all the stories we hear about embassies not being helpful, this is a good sign.

many thanks for listening.

take care everyone.

jfk :D

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