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Esol Instead Of Life In The Uk Test

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I have been Looking at the boarder agency site for The Criteria to get Indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Maybe I am a little confused.Or the collage my wife attends is. Unless it has changed again. I Understudy that you could get level Entry 1 in Esol skills for life, then level 2, this would be suffice to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK. instead of the life in the UK test This only apply to people who do not have the ability above level 3. So My question is, Are the two levels, ESOL,1 then ESOL, 2 enough to apply for indefinite leave to remain. Some say level 1 and 2 is OK , and some say not. can somebody clarify this for me, thanks in advance.

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From If you are not an English speaker - ESOL and citizenship course

If your English skills are below ESOL Entry 3 level (or Intermediate 1 level in Scotland), you must take an ESOL with citizenship course and obtain a relevant qualification to demonstrate your knowledge of language and life in the UK........

The Immigration Rules for ESOL courses changed on 7 April 2010. If you want to demonstrate your knowledge of language and life with an ESOL qualification, you must now meet the following requirements:

  • You must have attended your ESOL course at an accredited college.
  • The course must have included citizenship materials derived from the document 'Citizenship Materials for ESOL Learners' (ISBN: 1-84478-5424).
  • You must have obtained a relevant ESOL qualification from an approved awarding body.
  • You must demonstrate that you have made relevant progress............

A 'relevant ESOL qualification' is:

  • an ESOL qualification in speaking and listening at Entry 1, Entry 2 or Entry 3 level approved by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual); or
  • one National Qualifications Unit in ESOL at Access 2, Access 3 or Intermediate 1 level approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.......

When she started the course the college should have assessed her and placed her on the relevant course. If her current level was below entry level 1 then she would have been on an entry level 1 course, if above entry level 1 but below entry level 2 then she should have been on an entry level 2 course and so on.

Whichever level she started at, on completion she should, assuming she passes, be given a certificate of some kind to say so and this is what she needs to show she has met the requirement for ILR.

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Thanks for your reply 7by7. I thought i was right , As she was not an English speaker and has past her Entry level 1 and 2 that should be suffice to get her Indefinite leave to remain, if i am not mistaken.

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As long as her course included citizenship materials; yes.


Yes her course has citizenship materials included. There are so many miss conflicting advice from people in the UK at the collages, They make you doubt yourself. Some say you need entry level up to entry level 3. As i have said i have read the criteria and thought i understud it , She came and was placed on Entry level 1, past that test and has now past Entry level 2..That should be enough to get her Indefinite leave to remain after 24 months are up in the UK.

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I think the confusion may arise because the guidance says that if your English ability is at ESOL Entry Level 3 or better then you should be able to understand the study material for the LitUK test and so take that test. Which is the better option as it is quicker and cheaper than doing an ESOL with citizenship course.

This may mean that some people could think that if doing a course you have to reach Entry Level 3; which is not the case.

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