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Do Thais Actually Pay 37% Over 4M In Taxes?


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I would be suspect of the data on that website. The US information is quite incorrect.

Taking into account both state and federal tax rates, the US has the highest corporate income tax in the world, by far.

IMHO, if looking for factual data, you would be better off doing web searches for organizations whose job it is to analyze topics like this one. For example:


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This information is correct:

Thailand individual income tax rates are progressive to 37%.

Taxable Income (Baht) Tax Rate Tax Amount Accumulated Tax

0 - 150,000 Exempt - -

150,001 - 500,000 10% 35,000 35,000

500,001 - 1,000,000 20% 100,000 135,000

1,000,001 - 4,000,000 30% 900,000 1,035,000

4,000,001 and over 37%

And don't forget, there are deductions.

Are you really going to complain about paying 37% on income above 4million?

If you make 333k a month, you got nothing to complain about.

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Ref the OP's "Do Thais actually pay 37%" - it's not only Thais, but anyone who earns this much (although if you are an expat, your company may pay your taxes on your behalf too).

If working in a company, one is likely to hit the 37% bracket at a monthly salary of ~250,000 Bht/month, because the annual bonuses are also included in the calculations.

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Also for expats on packages, the housing, home leaves, cars, and education is all taxable.

Many companies do indeed pay some percentage offshore to avoid the Thai income tax (and in other countries as well). This is getting harder to hide as the Thai Revenue dept is getting better on how to discover this is going on.

Most major MNC are showing and paying taxes on the entire package these days. Though they may employ people working for agencies that do not.


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