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At least 8 killed in northern Iraq car bomb


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At least 8 killed in northern Iraq car bomb

2011-07-26 11:41:46 GMT+7 (ICT)

KIRKUK, IRAQ (BNO NEWS) -- At least eight people were killed on Monday when a car bomb exploded near a restaurant in the northern region of Iraq, officials said.

According to Iraqi Police Brigadier Sarhad Qader, a gunman was filling his vehicle with explosives near his home in the district of Haweeja, Kirkuk, Iraq, which is located 236 kilometers (146 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad, when the car bomb detonated, the National Iraqi News Agency reported.

The vehicle exploded near a local restaurant, killing eight people. In addition, seventeen others were injured. Qader added that several nearby homes and businesses were damaged by the blast.

During a separate incident, an improvised explosive device detonated on Abo Nawas Street, in central Baghdad, injuring at least three civilians. The explosive detonated on the side of the street.


-- © BNO News All rights reserved 2011-07-26

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