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Teenager Shot Dead As Two Gangs Collide In Jomtien


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Teenager shot dead as two gangs collide in Jomtien

PATTAYA: -- An altercation between two groups of teenagers on the Sukhumvit resulted in a fatal shooting, which occurred in the early hours of Tuesday. The incident occurred in the Jomtien area and resulted in the eventual death of Khun Wichit aged 18 who could not be saved by medical staff at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya after sustaining two gunshot wounds to his chest. Family members and friends gathered at the Hospital and were met by Pattaya Police who were told that a group of 8 teenagers, including the victim, had parked up and were drinking Thai Whisky together when another group consisting of 3 motorbikes, drove past and threw an empty glass bottle in their direction.

The small group drove off and returned with re-enforcements consisting of 14 young men who then suggested the two groups fight.

Story continues HERE


-- Pattaya One 2011-08-09


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