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What Days/Hours For Thai Embassy In Vientiane?

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My assumptions:

1. The Thai embassy in Vientiane is open all days except Sunday.

2. The time to apply for visa is mornings only (not afternoons) - what time frame?

I've heard the Thai embassy visa division has moved once or twice in the past 10 years. Where now (in relation to the miniature Arc de Triumphe)?

thanks in advance.

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Embassy is not open on weekends (Saturday/Sunday). And will normally be closed on both local and home country holidays.

Morning and believe cut off is 1100 but not sure on that.

Consulate section (visas) is a slightly different location than the Embassy. Will let those that have been advise directions (my last time in Vientiane was 1975).

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Thanks for that Lopburi. I'll be coming in to Udon Thani airport at 9 pm. I've heard there are minibuses that go from there to Vientiane. Does anyone know if those go as late as 9pm? and if so, does the border crossing stay open late enough?

If not, I'll endeavor to stay at Nong Kai and see about getting an early trip over on Friday morn.

Wow, not since 1975, you are an old hand. I first went there in 1998, and then again a few years later. In the span of those years, the visa section changed locations. Good thing too, the earlier place was small, cramped, hot and there were looooooong waits. The only good thing about the earlier cramped place was there was a young Thai man (employee?) there who was very helpful as liaison - who went to each farang and calmly and clearly asked what they wanted - and then went on to assist us all. Indeed, that sort of simple service should be available at EVERY Thai visa office. Yet it's rare indeed, and thus visa runs are often hassle-prone and farang often don't get what they want, or what options are available - until it's too late.

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