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Turbo-Charging & Big-Footing (35") A Hilux Ln106


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My hilux is year 1997 2.8 litre 3L engine pick-up in very good condition, clocking <200,000km. It is my daily-usage truck, commuting on asphalt and gravel road (50/50), carrying 500kgs of load occassionally.

Now that i am going to put 35" MT tyres on 16x9 alloy wheels (and lifting it)...

- i am seeking ideas/suggestions here as to which turbos, specifically, are the best available options to be installed to the stock engine.

The truck will be intercooled, and radiator & exhaust changed to bigger ones accordingly. I prefer a widely available ones, costing 5,000baht - 40,000baht (brand new or used). CT20 turbo is definitely out of my mine as I am more keen on ball-bearing or VN type, giving me more ommps on the first 10 seconds of acceleration, especially coming out of a junction... Top speed, obviously, is not a consideration.


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