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Pattaya Drivers Top Up On Cheap Gas, But May Pay Higher Price Later


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Pattaya drivers top up on cheap gas, but may pay higher price later

PATTAYA: -- The government’s move to cut oil-subsidy taxes is fueling a petrol party in Pattaya, with drivers racing to top off tanks and gas station owners ordering new shipments with baht signs in their eyes.

Attempting to fulfill a campaign pledge to reduce the nation’s cost of living, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra reduced the Oil Fund levy on diesel fuel and octane-91 and octane-95 gasoline, immediately slicing the price for gas by as much as 8 baht per liter. With the government saying the move is just temporary, motorists sped to the nearest pump to stock up.

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-- Pattaya Mail 2011-09-02 footer_n.gif

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i filled with diesel on sunday night at petronas and it was 26.99 a litre

i refilled today and it was 27.54

its already on the way up

.55 baht a litre in 5 days.........

i liked it better when i knew it was going to be 29.99 every time

it only needs another major arab oil producer to have an unrest problem and diesel will be 40/50/60 baht a litre without the Oil Fund Buffer

and let's not forget most of these reds (many now politicians) couldn't make any money from rice picking, let alone run a countries finances............

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filled today again at Petronas

same filling station, same pump

its now 3 weeks since the oil fund was raped by the reds and fuel is now 28.46 a litre

after the initial 3 baht reduction its risen steadily at .50 baht every week since

next week?

next month?

watch this space..........

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