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Intel I5 C P U Availability


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For an upcoming build, I have been doing lots of reading in the Ars Technica forum (and CPU spreadsheet). The CPU's that seem to be best for my requirements are the i5 2500S or 2500T. What appeals most is the low power consumption (65 & 45 watts respectively) which I assume translates to "easier to cool" in a non air-con room.

The 2500K seem to be the CPU of choice for the i5 family, but it runs at 95 watts (better than 130 for some of the i7 family). I don't want to overclock.

Looking at numerous online shops in BKK, I can't seem to find either flavor.


1 - Are the S & T chips not available here?

2 - Will the extra 30 - 45 watts be significant on a 30 degree day?

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